Every woman that has sat in front of me has provided me a long list of why she CAN’T do an intimate portrait session for herself, but all it takes is one reminder of why she CAN:

You, your story and your body, are worth documenting.

For too long women have been letting others write their stories for them.  They are TOO MUCH of this and NOT ENOUGH of that, but when in fact, they are just perfectly themselves.  While you may be coming in for “just a sexy photoshoot” I can promise, you are going to leave with so much more. As a body image activist and boudoir specialist, it is my mission that not only do you leave with some amazing images of yourself, but also a renewed sense of confidence, self love, empowerment, and new thought patterns to help you go forward and change the way you (and others!) speak about yourself.


#1: Because I get it.  After coming to terms with my own body issues, I became passionate about inspiring and empowering women around me and as soon as I delved into the decadent & sensual world of intimate portrait photography, I knew this was exactly where I needed to be. 

#2: I wanted to see a change in the way that women saw themselves.  The fact that a woman who is a size 2 and size 24 both hate their bodies, tells me that it’s not about the body at all and thus began my adventure in creating empowering, soul strengthening photo sessions and body image workshops.

#3: I have created a beautiful space in the heart of downtown Winnipeg to help you fulfill your intimate session, allowing you to rewrite the stories you have told yourself.  Within this safe space,  you will get pampered from head to toe, enjoy the experience of being in the spotlight, and leave with a pep in your step and a new view of the strong, brave woman you are and always were!! 

#4: As your dedicated boudoir specialist, I will be with you from start to finish, encouraging and providing you with the support and continual direction you need to see yourself as other people do!  Your femininity, your unique features, your fearlessness, and your confidence are things that should be celebrated today and I will help you get there!


“Photography is your medium, not your message”

This is something I make sure to tell all of my students and workshop attendees.  Photography is our way of telling the stories of the people within the images and I believe we have the power, the responsibility, to help change the way people feel about themselves, not just on the surface, but also deep within.  A big part of what I teach photographers is the importance of having a diverse portfolio and letting all humans know they – and their stories – are worthy of documentation.  Whether you are interested in mentoring, workshops, or online courses, everything I teach comes back to becoming confident in yourself, so you can confidently change the lives of others.  Using a strengths-based approach to educating, I want to help elevate you to a new level in your own journey to self acceptance, which will then trickle down to your business!

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