Previously known as our “White Sheet Sessions”, we are now reframing them as quickies, because A)we like to be a little cheeky and B)we want you to have options!!

Designed to have you in and out of the studio in less than 2 hours, our Quickies are our answer to a budget-conscious, timeless & classic experience.  You still get  complete direction and posing guidance by Teri Hofford for your session, but your timeline for shooting is much shorter (30 minutes!) and hair & makeup is not included* (but can be added on for an additional fee)

This provides you a few benefits:

a)testing out boudoir with Teri Hofford Photography (but be warned, you will get hooked!!)
b)If you are a repeat client you don’t need as much time to warm up, so we can jump right in and play! (let’s get crazy!)
c)Shorter timeline so you can squeeze in a litte mid-morning or afternoon quickie, and still make it to work! (looking like a fearless bombshell, btw)
d)low risk investment into your self-love bank (you will leave here feeling like a million bucks!)

*If you choose to do your own hair & makeup or outsource elsewhere, you may be charged additional fees for longer retouching time.

{Scroll down to view past clients who took part in our Quickies!}

  • Quickies
  • $199

    30 minutes
  • 2 Looks (we recommend 1 outfit + nudes)
  • In Person Reveal & Ordering Session
  • {images not included, please see a la carte menu}