empowerMENt Sessions

Empowerment sessions for men is something that has just recently hit the market and in our experience it is just as integral for men to experience the positivity of experiencing their bodies in an intimate, classic, and accurate representation.  While many of the images we have seen come forth for male boudoir have been funny or joking, we think there is nothing funny about looking and feeling fucking awesome.  For years we have been fed the bullshit that men should look, act, and behave in a certain way, but in contrast to women, men are less likely to talk about their body image, feminine qualities, etc. for fear of not “looking manly” or “macho” leading to what we now know as toxic masculinity.

At Teri Hofford Photography, we celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes and show that sexy has very little to do with the body, but more so to do with the emotion and experiences of a subject.  With the empowerMENt sessions, we will provide you a safe, judgement free and sensual environment to reveal yourself, both physically and emotionally.

  • empowerMENt
  • $279+tax

    90 minutes
  • In person pre-session consultation
  • 4 Looks (we recommend 3 outfits + nudes)
  • In Person Reveal & Ordering Session
  • {images not included, please see a la carte menu}