Glitter Goddess

With our Glitter Goddess Specialty Session, you will find yourself covered in all kinds of glitter or gold leaf, from top to….bottom, if you so desire! There is something incredibly magical and therapeutic about glitter and sparkly things, whether it be to treat your scars to some love and highlight their strength, to bring back the magic that was lost in a poor relationship, or to celebrate your femininity!

Our extremely talented makeup and hair maven, Nicole will get you dolled up with stellar makeup to highlight the glitter or gold and then we will let the magic commence!  Take a look below at some of our other glittery goddesses!

  • Glitter Goddess
  • 279+tax

    $30 minutes
  • Your choice of body glitter colors
  • professional hair & makeup
  • Complete direction and posing instruction by Teri Hofford Photography

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Add Glitter Goddess to your FEMpowerment session and save!  Ask us how!