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Boon Ong and Teri Hofford may approach boudoir in 2 very distinct ways, but by staying true to their authentic nature, both artists have gone on to successfully forge a path of body acceptance for their clients, award winning fine art, and a community of empowerment through the art of boudoir photography.

Boon, the artist whose quiet confidence speaks volumes when you look at his carefully curated and deliberate art is the calm to Teri’s chaos: the photographer who never stops moving (or talking) during her sessions, allowing her clients to break down their walls and focus on her voice.  They have come together to create a workshop to showcase the nature of their sessions, the importance behind the art of boudoir for each of them, and to show you that there is not just ONE WAY to create in the boudoir industry.

Boon & Teri are pleased to create a workshop that will not only tap into your creative senses in all capacities, but it will also help you to start to see your space and your clients differently, making you that much stronger and more confident in the art that you create.

Boon Ong - Figuratif By Boon
Boon Ong - Figuratif By Boon

Boon Ong is an Intimate Lifestyle & Figurative Art photographer based in Calgary, AB Canada. He first photographed fine art nude in 2013 and completely hooked with the genre. Born and raised in Malaysia from a conservative asian family, it was the sense of rebellious and contradiction to his upbringing that kept Boon exploring more into this genre. Simple, Honest, Truthful are the guiding mottos in Boon's work. His ambition is to use intimate lifestyle & figurative art as a way to yell for new freedom, to break down barriers and taboos, to create space for people to find confidence in their own body and sexuality. Over the last few years, Boon has received numerous awards and been featured in magazines, blogs and art gallery, including International Photography Awards, Do More Awards, Rangefinder Magazine, Feather Gallery, etc. His work is also being used as educational reference material by Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Vancouver.

Teri Hofford - Teri Hofford Photography
Teri Hofford - Teri Hofford Photography

Teri Hofford is a body image activist and award-winning boudoir specialist based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Teri channels her desire to change the way women think about themselves, getting them to stop focusing on changing their bodies, so they can get to changing the world. Teri has been published in a variety of magazines such as FabuPlus and GEEZ magazine, in addition to having a variety of images selected for recognition by, AIBP (Association of International Boudoir Photographers), Do More Wear Less, and Lace & Light. In addition to her photography work, Teri has become recognized in Canada for her contribution to the women's empowerment movement by various media outlets like CBC, Global, and CTV News.


Location: Calgary, Alberta
Date: April 20-April 21, 2018
Cost: $750+gst

Boudoir workshops are lacking significantly in Canada, specifically in the middle provinces so this is one of the reasons we wanted to host our first workshop in Calgary, AB.  It’s close enough to the mountains that you can take a day to go play (or join us if we go after the workshop!) and our airbnb is located just 12 minutes from the downtown core, which is also full of beautiful scenery and amazing architecture if that’s your jam!

If you are traveling in from outside of Calgary or just want to hang with us a bit extra, you can stay in the house with us, but there are limited spots available!  It will be $50/night extra, but probably the best money you will ever spend (maybe we are biased…).  If you are interested in staying at the house with us, please let us know via the message box upon registering!

Day One

On the first day of the workshop, Boon & Teri will share their expertise in the theory of boudoir, fine art photography, and the business side of things.  Both Boon and Teri will share their experiences, mishaps, and successes to inspire you, motivate you, but most importantly, show you the industry of boudoir from 2 very different perspectives.  Here is a brief overview of what we will cover in day 1:

*The importance of the WHY – Both Boon and Teri will go into their reason for doing boudoir, how they got started, why it was important, and despite the challenges, why they continue to do the work they do.

*Client communication – Keeping your client in the loop and fully educated on the ins and outs of your business will not only make them feel a lot better about investing, but it will also prevent a lot of headaches that tend to happen from misinformation and not setting the appropriate expectations.  Both Teri & Boon will cover what they consider their MUST HAVES in terms of contracts and consultations to ensure a positive experience for you and your clients!

*Branding & Marketing – Teri’s wheelhouse is coming up with creative strategies to work within your market to stand apart.  A lot of this comes from digging deep within yourself and sharing the vulnerable parts of you, so come prepared to do a lot of inner work.  Teri will go over her journey in boudoir, rebranding as her philosophy grew and shifted, and how she maintained client interest and bookings.  Be prepared to leave with a lot of different ideas!

*Styling – In boudoir, clothing and clothing options are completely limitless and ultimately come down to you and what you want to represent with your studio.  That being said, Teri & Boon will cover their go tos, must haves, do and don’t in terms of outfits, styling and make up for all clients! You will also get an in sight and tips on how Boon prepare his client for nude-only photo session.

*Shooting in-home – Boon offers exclusively in-home session to all his clients. Considering this as one of the uniqueness in his work, Boon will share his structured approach in planning his shoot in each foreign locations, how he draws inspiration and improvise with the unknowns, and how to make the most out of spaces in different type of home, lighting scenarios, decor style, and amplified it into different possibilities.

*Pricing – The bane of everyone’s existence, but the one thing that is necessary to allow you to keep doing your work.  We won’t be going into the specifics of pricing and what not, but we will talk about what works for us, what didn’t work for us, and how to be confident in asking for your worth.

*Challenges/Creativity – How to keep that fire burning.  We hear over and over about photogs that get lost in the mundane activities of keeping a business afloat, but both Teri & Boon are known for trying new things and really exploring their boundaries of creativity, creating work that is noticeable, sometimes not even technically correct, but it makes the viewer stop and think.  Most importantly, it will push you to stop trying to be like everyone else and really create what feels good to you.

*Editing – Teri will go through her editing process with you, showing you her process from start to finish on a traditional boudoir session and then she will show you a more in depth process that she uses for her creative sessions.

*Blogging & Image Presentation – Boon is known for creating an experience for his clients through his blog and image displays.  He considers each image a piece of art that deserves to stand alone, meantime infusing story telling elements into each collections to create a unique collection. He will cover how various tips to lay out your blog to ensure client engagement and excitement.  We may even ask you to submit your website for a live critique!

*Q&A – Teri & Boon will answer any questions that you have about literally anything you want to know!  We are open books!

Day Two

Day 2 is ALL about creating, shooting, and exploring the boundaries of your work.  We are going to split up the group into 2 teams to work independently with Teri & Boon and then switch half way through the day.  By keeping the group small, you will be able to not only grab some amazing imagery for your own portfolio, but you can ask questions and take your time learning alongside the instructors.

Shooting with Teri – Teri is known for her work in photographing all body types, so she will walk you through her most purchased poses, the ones that blow her clients away and show you how she directs and uses high energy to zip through her sessions.  The last half of the time spent with Teri will be all about being creative and how to use different items, angles, and lighting to achieve a look that is unparalleled.  Lastly, she will cover the coveted wet tank top shots that she has become known for and show you what settings, lighting, and posing works best to make any client feel empowered!

*Shooting with Boon – Putting all the theory on Day 1 into practicum, Boon will demo his approach of shooting in-home, focusing on spaces, composition, light and bringing the eye to your subject.  With his fine art approach, you will slow down, focus, and look at the harmony between your subject and their environment.  Every shot will be intentional, thought out, and create a sense of calmness to the image.  With the help of a model, Boon will also show you how to infuse figurative art element into each posing, technique to bring out emotions, how to look for creative body lines and finding fluidity in each pose and movement that unique to each individual. Lastly, he will encourage you to try new things, look for new perspectives and think how one image flows into the next, thus creating an intimate connection between your subject, the environment and their story.

What's Included
  • The Calm & The Chaos Workshop
  • 750+gst

    $2 Days
  • 2 days of instruction & shooting with 2 award winning photographers
  • Lunch and snacks provided on both days
  • A great bonding experience between yourself and your peers
  • Accomodations can be provided at $50/night

We’ve made things relatively easy for you!  You have your choice of doing 2 payments of $450+tax  OR you can save $150 and pay in full!!  In order to solidify your registration, you must pay either the $450 or the $750 and registration is first come, first serve!  All payments are non-refundable.

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