As a result of my profession as a boudoir photographer, I am trained to retouch skin to remove the “distractions” as we like to call them in the industry.  The downside to this, is that my eye will go to “presumed” imperfections in people….so when I see a photo of myself or someone else where no retouching occurs, I am critical of the textures that show up in said image.  For example, I have prominent smile lines, so when I am not smiling, I look like I have jowels, so I will usually edit them out of my own images…but sometimes others take my photo and I have no control over that.  I hated that I was becoming critical of naturally occuring textures on people’s faces and by the time I finished this project, I was IN LOVE with the textures, lines, and spots that make a person’s face unique.  When we see people in real life, we don’t SEE these tiny textures because we SEE the person in all their beauty, inside and out.  So, while us photographers have been trained to find people’s “distractions” they are actually not distracting at all, because we do not see them in real life!  The problem, however, is that we are a culture that is so used to seeing airbrushed, smooth perfect skin that we don’t want to imagine ourselves in an image where that isn’t the case.

This is why I have created the previously named “Uncovered Sessions” (continuing in 2017 as Perfectly Me Sessions), to give those the opportunity to have a session without makeup, hair, or retouching (in terms of skin).  If you are interested in booking a session like this, head over here to learn more!  To see the outcome of our Textures project, scroll below to see the beautiful faces of the women that graced my camera.