Rave Reviews

While these are a few testimonials of past Boudy Babes, you can check out current client experiences on our blog or through Facebook reviews!

I just had to tell you that this morning was an absolute riot!! I have rocked attitude all day since leaving your studio! Hats off to you, Erin, and Les for making a middle aged mommy feel like an absolute gorgeous model with all the confidence in the world!!!" Check out her session here: One Sexy Mama


Miss T.

From the instant I met Teri, I was completely comfortable. From arranging hair and makeup, to helping to pick out poses and outfits, it was a really fun session! I left there feeling sexy and beautiful. My partner was STUNNED at his Christmas gift of a little black book and magazine; it was something he never expected!

I think every woman should have a session like this at least once in her life--maybe even once a year! I'll be recommending Teri to my friends--she can bring out the sexy goddess in all of us!

Miss C.

Teri turned me into a 50s pinup girl! She took me, a just turned 40, not at all slim woman in need of a confidence boost and worked some magic. Her make up and hair ladies are awesome! I couldn't believe the transformation. I spent the afternoon having so much fun in front of the camera and it truly shows in the photos. Teri' easy going, fun loving spirit comes through in her work and made me feel so at ease about literally prancing around in my undies! As soon as the proofs came in, I was showing them to everyone!!!! Not only that, Hubby LOVED them as well. Even though the photos are ultimately for him, the session was just for me. If anyone were to ask me if they should do this, my answer is a resounding YES! Go! Do it! Everyone deserves to feel as beautiful as they are.

Miss L.

I met up with Teri at her divine studio for a boudoir photo shoot. This was my second time meeting her.    I felt nothing but comfort. One of many things I love about Teri, there is no awkwardness.  She makes you feel beautiful and empowered.   I was a little nervous at first but Teri was absolutely wonderful. She made me feel so relaxed and was great at directing me. I couldn’t ask for more! I absolutely love my pictures.   If you're thinking about getting a boudoir shoot done,  DO IT. Don't wait till you loose weight or whatever is holding you back. Just do it.  The confidence you feel afterwards is undescribable. Thank you, Teri.  For everything xoxo Check out her session here: Miss C.

Miss C.

Teri is absolutely lovely. She makes you feel so comfortable and glamorous! Her whole team is wonderful!!!! 5 star experience!!

Check out her session here: Miss N.

Miss N.

Teri is not only a fantastic photographer, but just the most delightful, fun person to work with. I guarantee that no matter how you feel when you walk into her studio, you will leave feeling empowered and beautiful.

She is a true artist, she always manages to capture the most beautiful moments. But she also makes sure YOU have a fabulous time embracing your true beauty.

There are lots of different "photo session packages" to choose from to fit your needs and budget. Do yourself a huge favour and go see yourself through her lens. I promise the way she captures your beauty will put a skip in your step and will have a lasting, positive impact on you.

Check out her session here: Jessica and here: It's Only Hair

Miss J.

Teri is so full of life and you cant help but feel beautiful when you are on the other side of the lens from her! I am so thankful to have met her and gotten the images she took of me ! Keep on rockin it baby!

Miss H.

Do you want to feel confident and sexy, and just spend an afternoon laughing in your lingerie? That's what I got with Teri. Bad puns, good music, and so much room for activities! I, like any woman, was nervous about my Boudoir shoot. Could I pull of looking and, much harder, FEELING sexy with a near-stranger whilst in my skivvies?

Yes. The answer is yes. I had met with Teri for a consult so I knew I loved her personality, but when she is behind the camera, she just knows how to bring out that fierce woman within and capture her in gorgeous photos! Teri is so encouraging throughout, and her service is over the top. For the session she becomes your fashion consultant, your modelling coach, your cheerleader, your bestie, and your photographer. You WILL feel sexy and empowered!

Then there are the photos, which have an amazingly fast turn-around! I got to select the ones I wanted to move forward with THAT DAY (if you know photography, you know this is a BIG deal)!

I, like every woman I know, go back and forth on my opinion of my body on basically a minute-to-minute basis. Some days I am so confident I am out-of-control fantastic. Some days I just want to hide in a sweater and a pint of cookie dough ice cream and never see anyone but my cats again. The shoot I did with Teri made me feel unstoppably sexy, and those photos are going to be a wonderful reminder to me on ice cream and sweater days that I. AM. FABULOUS. And my boyfriend sure won't mind having them around either!

Thank you Teri. I had such a blast, and the more I look at the photos, the more I love them.

Check out her session here: Miss M.

Miss M.

Teri is a force to be reckoned with. Watching her work while being the subject of her creativity was such an awe-inspiring experience. She took my ideas and created exactly what I was hoping to achieve all the while silently building my confidence in who I was and validating what I wanted to achieve with my session. I am so proud to have bee photographed by her. ♥

Check out her session here: Miss C.

Miss C.