For many years, we have let other people tell our stories. For me, as a fat woman (don’t worry we use that in a reclaimed way in our studio!) I’m told every day that my body is not good enough, it’s a problem that constantly needs to be worked on and I can’t POSSIBLY be sexy or powerful if I’m “promoting obesity” (cue massive eye roll). Well, I think all of that is absolute bullshit along with all the other myths we are told about ourselves: too old, not feminine enough, only women can have photoshoots,  too thin and not enough curves, TOO MANY curves, just a mom who needs to get her “body back” (LIES), too sensitive, need to hide my freckles, birthmarks, and scars, and even something as stupid as having to change hair color to avoid “looking older”. Essentially, we are told most of our lives that we are not enough, but I am here to prove that sooooo fucking wrong. YOU are enough, this amazing body you have is ENOUGH, and all of the stories and experiences you have had have shaped the amazing magic within you….THAT’s what I want to photograph.  I want to capture you living YOUR best life on YOUR terms.

I want you to know, that as soon as you step through my doorway YOU get to be in charge of your narrative. YOU get to decide how you will show up, how you will be documented, and start the process of rewriting that story to become your own – and if that involves a sequin outfit, a fur coat, or nothing at all, we definitely have you covered (or uncovered if you wish).

So, what’s it gonna cost?

To be honest, that all depends on you!  But I will let you know that on average, my clients spend around $1800+tax between their session fee +desired image collection.  I do things a bit differently than most boudoir photographers, because each person that steps into my studio is different and has different needs and budgets!  So once we’ve established that we are a good fit for each other, I will offer you 3 options to book your session:


This option will be best for the client who has no idea what she wants until she actually sees her images her reveal.  For the A La Carte option, you will pay your session fee to book your date ($500+tax) and then during your reveal, you decide what you want to purchase.  You will be required to pay for your images in full at your reveal if you choose this option.


By bundling your session fee + your desired collection you are able to save 20%!  So, this option is great for the client that has an idea about what outcome they want for their images, what their budget is and want to save some $$!  As long as you pay for your desired collection BEFORE your shoot date, you will save 20%!


If you are the type of person that has decided that I am definitely the photographer for you, but my pricing seems to be a wee bit out of your budget, our pre-payment plan is the route to go!  We create an invoice which ties in your session fee + your collection and you can make payments at your discretion towards it for up to 6 months.  We don’t book a set session date until half way through your payment plan.  This option is perfect if you don’t have a deadline, want to save up for the PERFECT collection, AND still save 20%.

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