Lips to Hips: Just Roll With It

The Lips to Hips: Just Roll With It Project came about as a way to show women that regardless of your size and shape your body is meant to fold…and ROLL.  As I am privvy to being part of the boudoir community online, I see it many times where people critique photographer’s work for leaving in a woman’s rolls (tummy, back, side, etc.) saying that it is a “distraction.”  The problem with this is that we, as photographers, are the professional and if we are telling women that their rolls are distracting, they are going to take that VERY seriously and hate their body for doing something that comes naturally.  Like Peter Parker’s grandpa says in Spider Man: “With great power, comes great responsibility” I believe this to be true of the advertising and photography community.  We have the ability to help women see the beauty in their bits, but on the flipside, we also have the ability to make them second guess their natural beauty.

The more representation of rolls that we see, the more it will become a totally normal, natural way of seeing things, so that maybe the next time you look in the mirror you won’t poke and prod at your body as much.  Feel free to honor your rolls, by joining the conversation on Instagram by hashtagging: #justrollwithit showing off your beautiful body!