This project started when I came across a meme about the Japanese art of Kintsukuroi, which is the act of repairing broken pottery with gold, meaning that because it is broken, it has become that much more beautiful.  That got me thinking about scars, imperfections, and the part of our body that become dented, raised, and marked up which we standardly become self conscious about.  Whether it be stretch marks from gaining weight, scars from traumatic experiences, or just good ol’ fashion birthmarks that we are born with, as we age, our body collects these “tattoos” of our stories.  These parts of our lives, the ones that make lasting impressions on our bodies, are usually the things that make us stronger and thus, more beautiful in our lives.  Therefore, I wanted to paint over these bits with gold, showing the subject that these are the things that make them not only more beautiful, but that much more individual.

I urge everyone to celebrate their scars & marks by using gold pigment (we used makeup with water) and #kintsukuroiproject on instagram!

Click on the images in the gallery below to read more about our subjects’ stories!