Imperial Goddess Sessions

We are so pleased to introduce Imperial Goddess Sessions, for the woman who wants to connect with herself on a deeper, more spiritual level.  We have partnered with the talented Lady Lorelai to create sessions that will bring out your inner goddess.

The sessions start with your choice of desired level of Henna, done in studio on either Monday or Thursday, followed up 3 days later with your epic boudoir session to tap into the ethereal nature of your femininity.

During your session, we will reconnect you with your body in ways you haven’t experienced in a long time, if ever.  You will leave your session extremely empowered, strong, and confident, radiating from the inside out.  Your henna will stay on for an approximate 1-3 weeks after your session, so you can rock your Goddess-like abundance for days following your session!

Below are the different options of Imperial Goddess Sessions that are available!

Contact us to book your Imperial Goddess Session and Unleash Your Inner Goddess