The Premium Sessions are the very core of what we do at THP Studios.  These are my take on “traditional” boudoir, getting you in touch with your authentic self and helping you feel like the amazing human you are.  Your first session with us will be more raw in nature…getting to the foundation of who you are.  The first session focuses a little bit less on the wardrobe and lot more on the person you are.  While we will still provide you with an amazing wardrobe guide, please don’t stress too much over it, because less = best when it comes to revealing your true self.

Should you decide to come back in for more sessions down the road, then we can start to build upon that foundation and really tell the story of who you are and who you want to be.  Many of our clients come back for sessions and have even referred to them as their “yearbook” sessions.  Return sessions will allow you the opportunity to choose from a traditional boudoir session, an editorial session, or an on location session!  The return sessions will also give you the option to really play around with the makeup and the wardrdobe to really channel different personalities.

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  • Empowerment Sessions
  • $419

    1.5 hours
  • In person pre-session consultation
  • 5 Looks (We recommend 4 outfits + nudes)
  • professional hair & makeup
  • Access to the Boudy N' Beauty Wardrobe
  • Complete direction and posing instruction by Teri Hofford Photography
  • In Person/Skype reveal & ordering session

Check out the full Fempowerment Experience here:

Fempowerment experience