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Boudoir photography is one of the oldest forms of photography, primarily shot in the woman's private bedroom or, boudoir, if you will. I redefine this old tradition of voyeuristic photography and make it a lot more modern and expansive, by creating intimate women's portraiture in a variety of locations including the studio, hotel rooms, the outdoors, and various other fun settings. So, in essence, boudoir photography is anything and everything you want it to be! Feel sexiest in a dress? Awesome. Want to celebrate your body in the nude? Let's do it! My goal is to help you realize your beauty and the power that comes with shedding your insecurities and owning the gloriousness that is you!!

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of Teri Hofford Photography and we take every precaution not to share your images unless you want us to! All the ladies you see on my website, Facebook, or otherwise have signed model release contracts that allow us to showcase their images. We will probably ask you to sign a model release (we love to inspire other women to get on the boudy bandwagon!) but you have every right to decline! That being said, if you decide to share your images with friends and family members then it is out of our hands. All images are kept on file until the end of your ordering session.

The Boudy Wardrobe is unique to us and is a compilation of a number of different styles/sizes of garments. We have vintage, classic, modern, and relaxed pieces for you to play with during your session. We do ask that you bring your own shoes if you are a shoe gal, however!

While many of our sessions take place in the studio, we also love to explore new places if that means taking your session to the next level! We love shooting outdoors and seeing the connection between women and nature, so when the warmer weather comes these sessions are definitely available. In addition to that, we will explore hotels with a great aesthetic, your own home, or any other location that will help tell your story!

This is probably the biggest concern women voice, but I promise you that I am not expecting you to be a super model. It is my job as the professional to take care of everything, including styling, posing, and lighting. Don't worry, babe, I got you covered!

Like the women I work with, each session is unique and designed around your comfort. During your consultation, we will chat about what makes you feel the most confident and what sexy means to you, helping us to determine outfit ideas for your session. Whether your version of empowerment is a fitted black dress or baring it all in a fine art form, we will make it happen! That being said, I do urge you to step outside your comfort zone at least a little bit!

Our studio is located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg on the 5th floor of the 70 Arthur Street Professional Building. We have both stairs and an elevator to take you to your destination: Studio 570! Since most sessions require more than 2 hours, we recommend parking in the Bedford Parkade or any of the nearby outdoor parkades with it's entrance located on Bannatyne. If your shoot is scheduled for a Sunday, however, you are able to park on the street for free.

This is the best part of what we do, helping you decide what to bring to make you feel your sexiest and most confident! During your consultation, we will go over what styles you are drawn to so we can share our ideas and suggestions for you based on our experience as stylists! We want you to look good, feel amazing, and be comfortable throughout the entire session. In addition to that, we will give you access to our Boudy Wardrobe which gives you a variety of pieces to add and create high fashion looks to a basic bra & panty! After your consultation, we will email you our What to Wear Lingerie Guide with your shoot confirmation to give you even more ideas! In addition to that, we have made ourselves available to come shopping with $30 for 2 hours we will go to our favorite stores and spend our time finding beautiful garments to make you feel glamorous and confident! While we encourage some seductive pieces, we do limit the types of props used for a session!

Most of our sessions come with hair and makeup because we want the day to be all about you and make you pop on camera! Hair and makeup is the icing on top of this beautiful cake and it just adds another element of fun to dressing up!! During your consultation we will provide you with our expertise as to the look that we think will make your session come to life! Whether you enjoy soft & sweet or want to venture into a fiery vixen, our stylists will make it happen to make your session fantasies come true! If you decide to partake in the Perfectly Me Session, this will be completely makeup free!

In my experience I have found that clients like to choose their images/products AFTER their session, so images are NOT included in the session fee.

We suggest that you try to find someone willing to take your place at your session, but in the event of illness, emergency, etc. we will be able to transfer for your payment to another date. We are unable to offer any refunds.

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