FEMpowerment Sessions

The FEMpowerment Sessions are the very core of what we do at Teri Hofford Photography.  These are my take on “traditional” boudoir, getting you in touch with your feminine spirit and helping you feel like the Goddess you are.  These sessions are a great way for a beginner boudy babe wanting to take the plunge or for a woman wanting to start venturing into finding her sexiness and confidence.  These sessions are intimate and sensual and will definitely help you see yourself in a new light.  They tend to be moodier, emotional and are a great way to tell the beautiful story of your womanhood.

Perks to doing a FEMpowerment session:
a)We have time to warm up with each other before you get naked
b)Our extremely talented hair & makeup goddess Nicole will enhance your gorgeousness to be “camera ready”
c)More outfits, means more of your personality can shine through!

{Scroll down to view past clients who have had their lives transformed with our FEMpowerment Sessions}

  • Empowerment Sessions
  • $419

    1.5 hours
  • In person pre-session consultation
  • 5 Looks (We recommend 4 outfits + nudes)
  • professional hair & makeup
  • Access to the Boudy N' Beauty Wardrobe
  • Complete direction and posing instruction by Teri Hofford Photography
  • In Person/Skype reveal & ordering session