A Bunch of Sh*t You Should Know Before Getting Nakey With Me ~ Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

A Bunch of Sh*t You Should Know Before Getting Nakey With Me ~ Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

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Doing a boudoir session or empowerment session is scary af.  I mean, there’s a reason I always say “If I had a dollar for every woman that told me she never takes good photos I wouldn’t have to charge for what I do”.  The thing is, getting your picture taken is vulnerable in itself…but then to do with very little to no clothes on???!!! YOU MUST BE MAD!  Well, after photographing hundreds and hundreds of women over the last 4ish years, I can tell you a few common truths:
winnipeg boudoir photography

1) Literally EVERY woman is nervous (even me, when I get photographed!!  And I get photographed at least 3 X a year to make sure I remember just how terrifying it is!)
winnipeg boudoir photography

2)EVERY woman also thinks that she will be the one that “breaks” my camera with her face or body.  Just to be clear, that’s not how cameras work…the only reason it would break is because I shoot….A LOT.
plus size boudoir

3)While the wardrobe is important, it’s not REALLY important.  I always say your lingerie and fancy bits are really just my way to get you naked and exist in that beautiful body of yours!  While we love to play dress up, we actually just want you to be the most comfortable in the one suit you wear all the time – your birthday suit!
winnipeg boudoir photography

4)The more you trust that the weird shit I’m asking you to do actually looks good, the better the photos will turn out.  I cannot stress this enough.  There is nothing “normal” about what we do in boudoir photography, it’s all about popping, locking, laughing, and doing things on cue….and the hardest thing, BREATHING THROUGH YOUR MOUTH AND RELAXING YOUR SHOULDERS.  Trust me, when I say, that you would rather your mouth look sensual (open and relaxed) instead of a butthole (think tightly pursed – aka duck lips).  This is my job and I am damn good at it, so the more trust you give me, the better the images will turn out.
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5) I AM A BODY IMAGE ACTIVIST FIRST, PHOTOGRAPHER SECOND. So, what that means to you is that if you legit don’t “like” something about an image or your body, it’s important that we talk about it, either in your consultation or at your reveal, but NOT during the session (plus I talk so much while I shoot that it’s probably very difficult for you to get a word in tbh).  But seriously, if looking at a photo as we go through them one by one makes you cringe, let’s talk about it.  If we can get to the root of it then we can help heal your body image issues.  If you don’t tell me, I can’t help.  And no, I will not be offended.  Another thing I have learned from shooting copious amounts of babes is that I am DAMN GOOD at my job (and I know that sounds cocky, but hey, I work by myself essentially so there’s no one else to give me props) and that I could take THEEE best photos ever and if your mindset is not there, it won’t fucking matter.  SO, if we can talk about it, then we can make some headway! And please know that I am not the “just LOOOOOVE your tum” kinda gal, but rather a “you don’t have to love it, but you do have to accept it” kinda gal because I know it’s a damn long process.
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So, with those main bits out the way, I am going to let my previous Boudy Babes impart their wisdom to help you see the “other side” of doing a boudoir session.  I can tell you all day e’rryday that doing a boudoir session is going to change your life, but I am, of course, incredibly biased as this is how I make a living:


Miss R. : For me it was life changing and so empowering. I was more nervous then I had ever been and [Teri was] so fun and calming it was almost effortless.

Miss J.: To trust Teri, she knows exactly what she is doing and the images will be incredibly empowering and perhaps life changing. And to trust yourself and the original reasons you decided to do this. Don’t doubt yourself in studio – it doesn’t matter about what you are wearing or the poses you do. For the reveal, you will be blown away, overwhelmed, and leave that studio feeling like a new person. Everyone needs to be photographed this way. We need to see what others see in us and but for these short, limited experiences; we are robbed of this incredible vision. That’s the best part – you have the photos forever and even though it’s been a year since my first photo shoot; I look at these photos on a very regular basis. They help ground me, encourage me, and feel like I can achieve great things. Yes, some people do this for their husbands or spouses but I’m telling you: do this for you. You are worth it.
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Miss S: My advice for a session with Teri: DO IT! I mean that, don’t overthink, don’t talk yourself out of it, just do it before your mind can take over. Click that book button.
Invest in yourself, by this I mean all the self care, all the trying on outfits (even though Teri has a ton to offer you).
The moment you book, the mindset of pampering yourself an valuing yourself changes, you suddenly start realizing you are worth it.
Teri will guide you through every pose, every moment, every thing possible, so let her do her magic and just show up for the ride!
Teri is so fun, relaxing, non judgmental, professional and intuitive. Truly listen to her, be with her, and enjoy the MOMENT at hand.
Get naked… seriously… for all the above reasons.. do it!

winnipeg boudoir photography

Miss K: Just do it. Teri and her makeup team are the sweetest. You will love these images forever. – And dont wait for your body. If you think you need to lose weight or change something, then you need the experiance even more. You are beautiful and Teri can show you.
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Miss A:Those excuses your making? They’re holding you back from one of the best experiences of your LIFE that will have lasting rewards. You haven’t seen yourself until you’ve seen yourself from Teri’s perspective. Go, go now. Make it happen, it will be the best gift you can give to yourself, and you deserve it even if you don’t know that yet!!
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Miss A: Addressing what you’re nervous about is always a great place to start! Teri uses humor to break the ice while flooding your mentality with positive thoughts. She’s super directive to help make your beautiful form show no matter what. Do the thing you’re nervous about, avoid avoidance!”
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Miss J: ” Teri says that her photos reflect how others see you, and she’s right. Every time I look at the photos, I can see how my body is connected to itself, rather than just seeing arms or legs or tummy or chubby calves. I see ME. All of me, the real me. I’m kinder to myself now, too – because of these photos. So be brave. Do it. Book the session. And when you’re 37 or 45 or 52 or 78, you’ll be able to look at the photos and think: “Damn, girl. You’ve always been this beautiful.” And my profile pic is my favourite photo – it’s just how I see myself now.”

Miss M: I booked a session with Teri looking for self acceptance. I didn’t find it in my photos but what I did find was, a feeling of sexiness I thought was lost. I found another prospective in how I see myself, yes I’m big, and that’s ok because I’m a beautiful person on the inside. When I first saw my photos I focused on EVERYTHING Teri told me not to and I wasn’t disappointed in the photos as much as I was in myself and what I had let my body become. But that’s all it is a body, a body that once you die dies with you and what is left is who you where as a person. I did what Teri told me too, I looked at the photos almost everyday and the more I did that I saw something different about myself that I loved. I even started to love my “flaws” more. It’s a journey and I’m slowly getting to the place I want to be. Teri gave me the tools to help me achieve what I wanted to with her shoot but I did the work. I will forever be grateful to her for giving me those tools because without them I wouldn’t love myself like I do today. ❤️ thanks Teri

Miss A: “You’ll be super hot and they are just for you!  She’s fairly easy to relax around when she’s taking pics. I’ve wound up laughing both times, while everything was just hanging out.”

Miss B:I impulsively bought a “black Friday deal” after following Teri’s page for awhile. I booked it for March…maybe April.. lol
I didn’t prepare and Teri walked me through the whole process. Step by step. I love each and every pic. “

Miss M:Don’t over think it. She’s a professional and a badass at making you feel boss AF. It’s literally what she does for a living. In the words of Nike and Shia, “Just do it!”


“Best choice I’ve made.  Changed my life.  She will make you laugh and feel comfortable.  DO ITTTTTTT.”
“Save up and trust you’re in good hands!  The best team I’ve ever met!”
“She is the most relaxed, easy going person I’ve shot with and she gives great direction!”
“Don’t worry.  Your images will be TERI-FFIC.”
“I would tell them to be honest about their fears.  It’s Teri!  Teri always knows how to make someone comfortable”
“DO IT!!! Best decision.  Teri and her team will make you feel fab, make you laugh, and have fun.”
“1000% worth every penny and more!  I never saw in myself what Teri brought to light and I learned to embrace it”
“Do it anyway.”
“Teri will bring out the beauty you have but don’t know you have…if that makes sense…”
“That it is a unique opportunity to really step outside one’s comfort zone.”
“Take a breath and do it.  It will be the most life changing experience.  You will never look at yourself the same again.”
“Teri’s a ball of fun!  My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so hard!”
“There is clear and effective communication which makes posing way more comfortable.”
And last but not least, my favorite:
From my makeup artist Kylie: “It might feel like she’s taking photos of your anus…but she’s not.  It’ll all make sense…shadows and what not.”
winnipeg boudoir photography

So, hopefully, these little words of wisdom have given you a wee bit of confidence to do something that scares the shit out of you and makes you want to take at least a little step closer to that comfort zone and just *see* what’s on the other side.  I will be waiting there with open arms, a boudy babe robe (for when you get nakey), and an amazing team of stylists & photographers ready to help you truly embrace your awesomeness and have photographic evidence to remember it by!

If you are ready to jump on in, shoot us an email letting us know how we can help you feel babely in your skin!

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