Winnipeg boudoir photographer
When Miss M. walked into my studio it was clear that she had a killer personality to match her beauty!  This chick is not only hilarious (she loves puns!) but she is an entrepreneur, well read, living an amazingly fun life, and super sexy!  Miss M. came to me, however, after having moved to Winnipeg a few years ago because she realized that she had gained weight since her younger, modeling days and wanted to feel good in her new curves.  While she was getting her hair and makeup done by the stellar Nicole, we chatted about how unhealthy she was when she was a model, constantly trying to fit an ideal that was not meant for her body and the head games that went with it.  She said that while she is still not 100% confident with her newfound curvy bod, she is starting to appreciate it for what it can do, instead of just what it looks like.  Check out her session below and see what she had to say about her session at the bottom.  And yes, she has epic freckles!Winnipeg boudoir photographer Winnipeg boudoir photographer Winnipeg boudoir photographer Winnipeg boudoir photographer Winnipeg boudoir photographer
boudoir photographer winnipeg
“I, like any woman, was nervous about my Boudoir shoot. Could I pull of looking and, much harder, FEELING sexy with a near-stranger whilst in my skivvies? Yes. The answer is yes. I had met with Teri for a consult so I knew I loved her personality, but when she is behind the camera, she just knows how to bring out that fierce woman within and capture her in gorgeous photos! Teri is so encouraging throughout, and her service is over the top. For the session she becomes your fashion consultant, your modelling coach, your cheerleader, your bestie, and your photographer. You WILL feel sexy and empowered!

Then there are the photos, which have an amazingly fast turn-around! I got to select the ones I wanted to move forward with THAT DAY (if you know photography, you know this is a BIG deal)!
I, like every woman I know, go back and forth on my opinion of my body on basically a minute-to-minute basis. Some days I am so confident I am out-of-control fantastic. Some days I just want to hide in a sweater and a pint of cookie dough ice cream and never see anyone but my cats again. The shoot I did with Teri made me feel unstoppably sexy, and those photos are going to be a wonderful reminder to me on ice cream and sweater days that I. AM. FABULOUS. And my boyfriend sure won’t mind having them around either!

Thank you Teri. I had such a blast, and the more I look at the photos, the more I love them.”
Winnipeg boudoir photographer

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