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Ermagerd, you guys.  Yesterday I was driving to work and had a major epiphany which evolved into me staying up until 2am buzzing with ideas about this!!  I want to talk to you about Body Image Bootcamp!!  My newest brainchild since our last Body Talk!  Just like we attend fitness bootcamps and after hours educational classes, I feel there is a need to offer something incredible to help people improve their body image!!  Therefore, Body Image Bootcamp became a thing. Click below to find out more!!
Body Image Boot Camp

If you decided NOT to click on the link and want to follow along here, that’s totally cool. Essentially, Body Image Bootcamp is a 6 week course designed to help you improve your relationship with your body in a group setting. You will be provided with a bag of awesome stuff upon the first night and every week after that you will be put to the test to get vulnerable, open up, share, and get out all your feelings. There are a variety of exercises (again, click the link above to get ALL the details) that I will put you through to help you come to terms with who you are as a human and provide you with guidance to achieving a healthier outlook on yourself.  If you are excited about changing your view to change your life, then hit me up with an email and let’s get you registered!!